Biography of DJ BLING

DJ BLING is the alias of Brian Leung, Hong Kong’s renowned radio personality, who’s taking his music out of the white-light studio to the flashy dance floor – from Soul to Techno to Tribal to Electro to Progressive House & Trance to Disco Funk to Nu-Disco… Let’s BLING it on!

Beginning his broadcasting career since the late 80’s, Brian had taken up the post of music director for all 3 stations (RTHK, CR and MetroBroadcast) over the years. His specialty is in international music and repertoire. From pop to modern rock to alternative to dance to electronic… his shows have always been inspiring and ahead of the times.

DJ BLING has been playing extensively in various music festivals around Asia, spinning for various name brand events and parties, including Agnès b., Johnnie Walker, Porsche Design, San Miguel, Bloomberg etc; opening for world renowned artists, such as the Scissor Sisters and the Human League Live in HK. He’s also the official DJ for the after-party of Lady Gaga’s HK concerts.


DJ BLING 是香港資深廣播人梁兆輝(Brian Leung)電台以外的打碟代號,Brian曾先後任職三間電台之音樂總監、節目監製及主持,曾主持夜渡英倫、音樂同志、豁達音樂天空、輝遊記等多個為人津津樂道的音樂節目,自八十年代末起透過不同大氣頻度,致力推廣多元國際音樂文化。九十年代也曾出任香港滾石唱片董事總經理,兼顧港台兩地滾石歌手於香港之唱片事務,近年也曾出任香港知名獨立音樂廠牌「人山人海」的創作總監。

近年情迷電音舞曲的他,索性將音樂打出局促的直播室四壁,由Soul到Techno到Tribal到Electro到Synth-pop到Indie-dance到Progressive House / Trance到Disco Funk到Nu-80’s… 大氣電波容不下的,就讓她舞出屬於自己的BLING天地!

DJ BLING曾於多個大型亞洲音樂節演出,2011年為黃耀明的北京聖誕演唱會及上海元旦演唱會作暖場演出,2012年於香港國際博覽館為 The Human League 及 The Scissor Sisters 等國際級樂團打暖場,同年五月的 Lady Gaga 香港演唱會,也獲邀成為大會的 After-Party 指定 DJ。DJ BLING亦曾為城中多個名牌派對演出,包括 Agnès b.、Johnnie Walker、Porsche Design、San Miguel、Bloomberg 等。2013年獲邀為香港藝術館 Andy Warhol 展覽之 Reception Party 演出。近年Brian亦致力舉辦一些本地電音派對系列,例如 AreFriendsElectric、GLOO 等等。

Sample Clips.

Just a few sound clips to showcase DJ BLING’s musical versatility.
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Tech Requirement.

1. Pioneer DJM-800 Mixer (or above)
2. Floor or Desk Monitor Speaker(s)
3. Electric Socket (at least 3 outlets)

That’s it! DJ BLING will bring his own controller & laptop.
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